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Where Chickens Ride Pigs

May 16, 2019


That First Time I Made Spring Rolls…

January 30, 2017



Yes, I see the drips on the plate.  Those are from me shoving them in my face!

The hardest part about making spring rolls, in Tennessee, is finding the ingredients. I found rice paper, but I wanted CHOICES. These were made with a small diameter paper. I wanted larger ones so I could jump that learning curve, but not this time!  Amazon helps me greatly, but Wowza! I miss having every ethnic grocery store possible within 10 miles. Nevertheless, I pushed forward and made yummy Spring rolls!

The rice paper wasn’t my biggest concern- it was the fish sauce! I do not like peanut sauce, I don’t really LIKE peanuts, so I always do the fish sauce and spice it up with chili paste – the ubiquitous Asian condiment. Friends, the fish sauce for dipping is EASY!  Squeeze a few limes, make a simple syrup add fish sauce concentrate and cool it down in the fridge! Boom! I’m going to put this on everything now that I have the power! (“I’m looking at you tofu salad grain bowl!)

I made “no meat” rolls.  I would say vegetarian, but the fish sauce is made from FISH, so there’s that. These tasted GREAT!  Simple rice paper filled with a variety of rice vermicelli, fresh mint, basil, parsley, cilantro, julienned carrots, cucumber batonettes,  fried tofu, avocado, lettuce, and red bell pepper. The fish sauce is lime juice, fresh peppers (Thai or Serrano) Japanese rice vinegar, Thai chili sauce, water, and fish sauce concentrate. Salty, sweet, spicy deliciousness! Oh so very addicting!

Much like picking berries, I can eat spring rolls faster than I can produce them!
Ah, a Chef’s nightmare- none to share! #sorrynotsorry

Tamale is Another Day

January 24, 2017

Tamales are not easy or fast when they are made “from scratch.” Seriously, are you really going to eat a frozen tamale? Aw heck NAW! These are no pork, mostly vegetarian, some have chicken in them, tamales. All sauces are house made, the chicken was left over from dinner the night before- and it had a lovely happy chicken life they tell me.  Friends, I am open to all foods- except beef and lamb and goat and usually pigs. Sigh. It’s complicated. Tamales are complicated and take several steps. But they are worth it.


Tamales are all about the mise.


Soak the husks


Soak the dried chilies


prepare the mushrooms for the veggie tamales


Salsa Verde- oh my! MORE PLEASE!


Thawing veg broth, salsa verde, chilies, and mushroom fillings


Filling Mise


Red tamale, with chicken


Veggie tamale, bliss!

It’s “National I LOVE Honey” Day!

December 18, 2016

I honor of this day I want to remind you of my post on butter AND honey! I love “Angel’s Baklava” recipe. It is easy, fun and delicious. It’s a quiet thoughtful recipe, it takes time. But if you take this to any party or offer it as part of your Christmas cookie boxes, expect calls for more- and the recipe.

Meditation with butter


Perfect Pizza Crust

December 11, 2016

Thin, crispy and no “floppage.”

When Yoga and Gardening Meet

November 26, 2016



Carrots I harvested this fall. Is Mother Nature trying to tell me something?


Falling into a Routine

November 24, 2016

This is what autumn looks like.

We are settling in nicely here. The process of tearing up and cleaning up continued through the summer.  Packing, moving and unpacking feels endless- but I see the end coming soon. I admit while it is overwhelming at times I am quite happy with everything finding it’s new place here. I have also had some new experiences:

I’ve been gardening this fall, it’s been months since I have purchased a clamshell of baby greens!


Heirloom greens and arugula patch.


Olive oil, lemon and shaved parm are all they need.

The landscape is quite different…


Houston’s amazing skyline

DSC03171 2.JPG

Birdsong Ridge- Westmoreland, TN

And the kitchen is amazing! I’ve had a couple small gatherings with friends and tried a few new recipes.


Vegetarian Chili


Pan de Muertos


Fire in the Cowboy Cauldron

There’s so much more to tell you, but for now… there’s bread to make!


Thanksgiving rolls.


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