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“Can’t Get Out of Bed” Yoga

Lay on your back.
Begin by breathing.
Draw your shoulders down and into the mattress as you inhale and exhale long and deep as you listen you the sounds.
Listen you your breath as you awaken your organs and limbs gradually.

Sit up in bed. Straighten your back, elongate your neck. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.
Stretch out your hands and fingers while gently moving your head and neck as needed to draw out the kinks.
Squeeze leg muscles tighten, hold and release while you listen your breath.
Point and flex your feet at the ankles slowly. Hold each position a few breaths.
Pull belly in and slowly look at your thighs and bend forward. Draw belly in to protect your back.

When you are ready, hang your legs over the side of the bed.
Sit up straight, draw shoulders down. Eyes closed.
Straighten your right, then left legs. Point and flex feet.
Breathe. Listen.

Reach arms up and out, spread fingers and reach up. Look up.
Slowly bend forward at the waist, while sitting. Reach arms out toward floor.
Sit up slowly and bring arms above your head.
Bring arms down and keep eyes closed.

Sit straight and with awareness of the spine for 10 breaths, listening to each one patiently, counting silently them if you must.

Stand gently and begin your day.





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